Glorious Linseed Tea

Many of my clients get to hear me talk about the numerous benefits of drinking linseed tea. When I trained in Nutritional Therapy this drink was referred to as “a hug in a mug”. It is very reassuring to the body and helps us to deeply hydrate.

The modern lifestyle tends to be a dehydrating one. High levels of stress and environmental toxins are abundant, which deplete and dehydrate. Even if we have really good diets, if we are not well hydrated then our body will not be able to make best use of the nutrients provided. So, we need to drink plenty of quality, hydrating fluids. Drinking water alone is often not enough though, as it can go straight through our systems. This is due to dehydration causing the cell walls to harden, making it difficult to absorb water and nutrients. Cue the benefits of linseed tea!

Due to it’s viscosity it can be held in the bowels for longer, creating increased absorption and hydration. Linseed tea is slightly gelatinous, it relaxes and soothes the digestive system and lubricates cell walls, enhancing the ability to nourish and exchange. This is vital for optimal well being. Many people I know say their lives have been changed with the introduction of this simple, healthful tea. So here I am sharing it with you…

The recipe I use and suggest to my clients:

-1 tbs whole linseed (AKA flaxseed) in a pan of water, 1 litre or more. Bring to the boil.

-Turn the heat off, cover and leave over night.

-In the morning, re-heat and strain*.

-Drink the liquid throughout the day. If it is too thick, add more hot water. It should have a light, silky consistency and a mild nutty taste. I love adding lemon and ginger to mine. Experiment with it and enjoy the many benefits!

*The remaining whole linseed can be used in cooking/baking or composted.

​ Alternatively you can simply put a tbs of linseed into a flask, top up with hot water and sip throughout the day. Do whatever is most sustainable for you so that you can integrate this into your daily life 🙂

Be well,

Cassandra Rosa x