Pregnancy, Postpartum & Moontime Magic Bundle


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Product information

A feminine wellbeing box designed for pregnancy, postpartum and moontime nurture. I’m a doula and this bundle was created with my clients in mind…but can be enjoyed by anyone!

Bundle includes:

Shakti Moontime 15ml:

For birth –

Supports relaxation, deepens contractions (with extra help from the clary sage), assists the easing of pain and anxiety, and is a great massage aid all over the body.

For postpartum –

Helps the womb “return” and contract back, especially when used in conjunction with belly massage. Good for postpartum after pains and general physical and mental relaxation.

For moontime –

Eases cramping sensations, pain and premenstrual tension, helping you breathe deeper into your body and allowing tension and pain to dissolve. Great used over belly, hips and lower back, and with a hot water applied afterwards to support the oils in penetrating even more.

For Digestive health –

A great support for all digestive disorders, decreasing inflammation and bringing vital blood flow to internal organs.

Magnesium CBD Balm, 15ml:

Electrolyte balancing, relaxing superfood balm! Wonderful during pregnancy to massage over tired legs and feet, especially before bed (but anytime is good). Family friendly. Supports sleep, sports recovery, swelling reduction, and helps balance energy levels.

Yoni Love CBD oil, 10ml:

Great for perineum massage in pregnancy, and as a sensual massage aid to help you love up your body and get the oxytocin flowing – which is pretty much always a good thing, right!?  In the postpartum period it supports the yoni as it heals and restores (once body feels ready for light touch, applying the CBD oil where the body wants healing loving support). Also a great general massage oil and can be used inside the vagina as well as externally over your body. It’s also great with yoni wand and egg practises, and for yoni massage after steaming (see yoni steaming herbs).

Set of seasonal raw vegan homemade chocolates:

Raw, vegan, made with love. Different batch each time. All yummy.

Nourishing tea suitable for pregnancy & postpartum:

Containing a selection of organic herbs grown by me.


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