Dreamers Relaxation Tea



Oatstraw, mugwort, peppermint, rose and lavender.

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A dreamy blend that will ease your digestion, relax your nervous system and open your senses. Perfect for after-meals and as a light, dreamy evening tea. Mugwort is a well known witching herb and can induce lucid dreaming, so pay particular attention to your dreams. Some people like to use this tea ritually, before ceremony, whilst dreaming into a new project, or generally to amplify your positive intentions.

Oatstraw is very soothing and a perfect aid for todays often burnt out and adrenally fatigued culture. Rose will lovingly embrace you. Peppermint helps settle your stomach and lifts the blend. A hint of lavender rounds it all of beautifully.

Works wonderfully as a tea whilst anointing yourself with The dreamers anointing oil…

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