Dreamers Anointing Oil



Mugwort, Bulgarian Rose, Lavender, Yarrow, Peach Kernal, Olive Oil,  Vit E, Amethyst and dreamy intentions.

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Product information

A magical oil blend designed to treat you with the benefits of Artemisia and Rosa, Mugwort and Rose. This is a potent ritual blend to assist lucid dreaming, open the heart and third eye. It’s a wonderful relaxing aid before bed to, helping you to drift into your dreams and can make them more vivid. It’s also great to use before ceremonies, during Moontime and to generally help open your heart and vision centres.

It can be used anywhere on the body, but, as always, patch test first. This dreamers oil is particularly lovely to use on your temples, nape of neck and over your heart area.

Comes in a 30ml glass bottle.

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