Breast Radiance Massage Oil



Fenugreek infused sweet almond oil, pure natural Vitamin E, ginger, marjoram, Bulgarian rose &  lavender absolute.

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Product information

This nourishing breast massage oil has been made by steeping fenugreek seeds in cold pressed oil. Fenugreek has many breast supporting properties, and smells sweetly of maple syrup. The fragrant medicinal benefits of ginger help stimulate and awaken, marjoram helps clear lymph and uplift, grapefruit enlivens, rose offers protection and nurture, and lavender absolute calms, soothes and gives you an energetic hug!

It is the perfect anointing oil to support you in looking after your (or a loved ones) breasts. Massaging the breast/chest/heart area cultivates increased circulation, lymph flow, healthy skin tone, emotional regulation and self-connection.

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