Botanical Vulva Butter



Jojoba oil, pomegranate essence, red raspberry leaf oil, cacao butter, coconut oil, frankincense and a rich herbal infusion containing chamomile, rose, lavender, calendula and hypericum.

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Botanical Vulva Care for lubrication, moisturisation, healing and rejuvenation. A beautiful butter that is oh-so-silky, containing a blend of PH friendly, skin loving herbs and oils that will help to balance PH, soften scar tissue, treat dryness and relax the area. A gentle but powerful herbal embrace.

This can be used as a sensual lubricator, for yoni mapping and yoni massage, for perineum massage during pregnancy, postpartum vulva healing, menopausal symptoms, and as a general skin rejuvenator all over the body. Made with very high quality oils to treat your vulva (or beloveds vulva) with the absolute best.

Comes in a 30ml glass jar.

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