Amrita G spot Wand


The Amrita G Spot Wand is specially designed to make it easy for you to reach your G Spot. Every woman is capable of releasing Amrita, or ejaculating, via G Spot stimulation. Every woman is also capable of orgasming through G Spot stimulation. (The release of Amrita and orgasm do not necessarily happen at the same time.) When Amrita is released, the woman flushes out toxic emotions that have been stored in the body, in the same way that crying acts as an emotional release. The physical motion necessary to release amrita is fairly hard, rhythmic pressure on the G Spot which can be hard to achieve using fingers alone. Our Amrita G Spot Wands enable women to achieve this release by themselves. This can bring about great healing and open the gates to pleasure.

Our G Spot Wands can also be used for cervical stimulation and de-armouring.

These wands are also perfect for prostate massage for men.

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Product information

Ever had a G Spot orgasm? This Amrita G Spot Wand has been specially designed to help women reach their G Spot. In order for G Spot stimulation to result in the release of Amrita, a good amount of pressure needs to be applied. It is almost impossible for women to apply this pressure through their fingers alone during self-stimulation when attempting to release Amrita for the first time. This is where the Amrita G Spot Wands come in.

The wands are also the perfect size and shape for men to use for prostate massage which is vital for de-armouring and releasing trauma.

The Amrita G Spot Wands are made from 100% high borosilicate glass. This is a very sturdy, safe, durable, shatterproof material commonly used in glass sex toys. It is also used in Pyrex kitchenware since it can be heated up or cooled without damaging the structure of the glass.

These wands measure 23cm (9″) in length and 5.5cm (2″) circumference.

They have been carefully designed to enable women to apply pressure to the G Spot with very little effort.

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