Yoni Loving

Yoni Love is a CBD lubricant designed to increase pleasure by supporting relaxation and blood flow, reducing inflammation and encouraging sensitive, sensual awareness and loving. There’s still not loads of CBD research out there, so most information on CBD lube and sexual pleasure is anecdotal. That being said, many people are declaring positive results from using it during self pleasuring and sexual explorations. We have had loads of great feedback from this product!

As well as supporting pleasure in general, CBD lube can support women who find intercourse uncomfortable. It can also support postpartum healing of the vulva and vagina and general yoni well being. It’s antibacterial, soothing properties come from just two ingredients: coconut oil and CBD paste, making it a very pure product. No synthetic nasties or anything. Only the best for your intimate body.

I want to highlight something that feels very relevant when talking about lubricant… I was speaking with a friend about this recently and our conversation inspired me to communicate an important point: this point is about addressing the cause of pain/discomfort/dryness/tension rather than trying to bypass it. Products should be used to help you heal and work with your bodies natural responses, not suppress them. So, for example, if you are experiencing pain during intercourse it may be because you are not aroused enough….in this case that should be addressed foremost. This can be supported by paying more attention to foreplay (including emotional connection which is a huge form of foreplay in my experience!) So, we do not use lubricant to try to rush a process. We encourage emotional connection. We encourage slow loving. We encourage you to work with your body and listen to her deeply. What is your body telling you? Let this be your guiding principle.

When working in this way, Yoni CBD Love Oil can be a beautiful ally to help you deepen your connection with yourself. Maybe it is best for you to start by exploring massage? This lube can also be used as a general massage for other parts of your body too. Maybe to love up your yoni you first need to love your heart (they are totally interconnected!) and give yourself, or have a partner give you, a beautiful breast massage to support you in opening up to love, relaxation and pleasure. Many of us feel all sorts of openings and closings within our body in any one moment. Each tension and expansion holds wisdom and insight. It is very deep medicine to explore this and assist yourself in a safe, loving opening process.

When used as part of a sensual self-love process, Yoni CBD Love Oil can actually encourage your natural juices to flow. It can be foreplay to your foreplay! It can help energise your body, calm your nervous system, gently soothe skin, encourage deeper listening and support ritual pleasure filled space-time.

Wishing you healing & blissful explorations x