About Artemis Rose Aromas

About Cassandra Rosa

Ever since I was a child I loved making lotions and potions. It’s a dream come true to be able to create natural wellness products to share with you!

In my sessional work with people I encounter many who feel disconnected from their bodies and wish to drop deeper into embodiment, sensuality, connection, vital energy and wellbeing. I am passionate about learning and sharing tools that help people reclaim this birth right; transforming obstacles, regaining hormonal health and bringing more pleasure, ease and joy into our lives. 

My trainings in Herbalism, as a Naturopath, Abdominal and Holistic Massage Therapist and full spectrum Doula, have all informed the products I create. I have a special interest in reproductive, endocrine, digestive and emotional health. Though, naturally, all body systems intrinsically overlap and i’m passionate about it all! You will find plenty of products supporting the female reproductive journey, from menarch, moontime, pregnancy and postpartum through to menopause. I also make bespoke blends so I can tailor products to your unique requirements. Get in touch, I love hearing from you. 

The intention for my products is to create tools for daily self-care practises, promoting wellbeing and supporting self-connection, which is where alot of healing begins. 

Some of the CBD products, namely the Morning Sun, Shakti Moon and Yoni love, were a beautiful collaboration between myself and CBD Bristol. We found a wonderful creative fusion birthing these products into the world, and have received amazing feedback from customers! 

I create small batches, in magical environments, infused with good vibes, and hope they assist you with relaxing into greater ease, joy and pleasure.

With awesome wishes for you,

From Cassandra,

Artemis Rose Aroma


Why Artemis Rose Aromas?

I have always felt an affinity with Artemis. She is known as the Goddess of the Hunt, Wilderness and Moon. Associated with womanly cycles & mysteries. Archetypal protector of child birth, she is a midwife and brings magic to the areas of intuition, accuracy and psychic powers. She spends much time in the wilderness, is a free spirit, compassionate and has the ability to regenerate the earth. Artemis is often depicted with a bow and arrow- showing the power of focusing in order to manifest. All of these qualities I wish to imbue into my work.

Artemisa is also the Latin name for Mugwort; a beautiful herb with many properties. Mugwort supports digestive and circulatory health. It is also a uterine tonic and emmenagogue (encourages menstrual flow). Traditionally this herb has been considered the universal herb for protection and prophecy – also used for  pain management, healing, psychic powers and lucid dreaming.

Rose: Rose is one of my favourite scents; I adore this flower. It captures the imagination and has rich symbolism. To me, the Rose evokes qualities of depth, sensuality, enveloping femininity, mystery, love, blossoming intimacy & radiant beauty. Sharp thorns convey a strength of character and kick-ass edge. It is often from the thorns in our life that we gain the growth and wisdom we need to fully blossom… Rose essential oil is known as “The Queen of Oils”. It has a host of powerful topical and emotional properties, which I like to harness in my products. With gratitude to this resplendent plant.

Aroma: Scent is powerful. The smells that enter our olfactory system change our brain chemistry. It’s a form of magic! Being mindful of the way we explore and use our senses, we can cultivate all manner of positive influences and experiences. Scent is a powerful mystic that can transport us across many miles and to unseen places within. I love to play with aroma to bring about desired change.