About Artemis Rose Aromas

About Cassandra Rosa

The face behind Artemis Rose Aromas, i’m a hedgerow witch and come from a line of powerful, creative guardians. Brought up within a family culture of witchy ways, herbalism, vegetarianism and grounded openness, the wonderful ways of working with and as nature have always spoken to me. As a child one of my favourite games was to make plant based lotions and potions. Now, as an adult, i’m continuing to play with and weave a livelihood from these instinctual passions.  

My trainings in herbalism, doula and sacred threshold work, shamanic womb massage, Altai massage and naturopathy, have all informed the products I craft. I have a special interest in reproductive, endocrine, digestive and emotional wellness. You will find plenty of products supporting the female reproductive journey here, from menarche, menstrual-cycle health, pregnancy and postpartum, through to menopause and beyond. As a female body owner myself, I have been inspired by my own journey of increasing embodiment, and what I have learnt along the way to ease womb related health issues and life transitions.

In my work I encounter many people who feel disconnected from their bodies and wish to drop deeper into embodiment, sensuality, connection and vital wellbeing. I am driven to learn and share tools that help people reclaim this birth right; transforming obstacles, regaining hormonal health and bringing more pleasure, ease and joy into their lives through everyday wellness practices.


Why Artemis Rose Aromas?

I have always felt an affinity with Artemis. She is known as the Goddess of the Hunt, Wilderness and Moon. Associated with feminine cycles & mysteries. Archetypal protector of child birth, she is a midwife and brings magic to the areas of intuition, accuracy and psychic powers. She spends much time in the wilderness, is a free spirit, compassionate and has the ability to regenerate the earth. Artemis is often depicted with a bow and arrow- showing the power of focusing in order to manifest. All of these qualities I wish to imbue into my work.

Artemisa is also the Latin name for Mugwort; a beautiful herb with many properties. Mugwort supports digestive and circulatory health. It is also a uterine tonic and emmenagogue (encourages menstrual flow). Traditionally this herb has been considered the universal herb for protection and prophecy – also used for  pain management, healing, psychic powers and lucid dreaming.

Rose: Rose is a universally appreciated, mystical flower, capturing the imagination and containing rich symbolism. Gentle but extremely strong. She opens the heart, evokes divine understanding, sensuality, mystery, love & radiant beauty. Sharp thorns convey strength of character and  protection. Rose oil is known as “the Queen of oils”. Rich, sweet and deeply fragrant, she contains many powerful topical and emotional properties, which I like to harness in my products. With gratitude to this resplendent plant.

Aromas: Scent is powerful. The smells that enter our olfactory system change our brain chemistry. It’s a form of magic! Being mindful of the way we explore and use our senses, we can cultivate all manner of positive conditions and experiences. Scent can transport us across many miles and to special inner realms, and can bring a plethora of positive change into our lives.